Everyone Doing Their Part


What’s the Solution?

The ACT Now Program will include a mix of ongoing sewer system upgrades, improvements and, in some circumstances, rebuilding parts of the HPUD service area sewer system. This multi-year construction program will help prevent SSOs and is vital to the protection of our environment and improvement in the quality of life for our customers.

The ACT Now Program is a ten year program of ongoing sewer system maintenance, replacement and rehabilitation projects, and wet weather storage options that will provide relief and reliability to the over 25,946 sewer connections and the more than 476 miles of sewer lines in our area.

Who is Paying for ACT Now?

HPUD has the best interest of the community and environment at heart and is working diligently to find cost-effective yet sustainable solutions that are affordable and beneficial to our ratepayers and community members.

Because the ACT Now projects are the result of unfunded mandates, they will be supported through the monthly utility bills of the customers in our service area. HPUD does not receive tax dollars from the local, state or federal government. However, we will continue to seek cost saving strategies and implement a conservative financial plan.

A Cleaner Tomorrow

gfx_mother_and_childHallsdale-Powell Utility Districts ACT Now Program is our commitment to help improve and preserve our local waterways, our creeks and streams, both now and for future generations. Our goal is to retain these vital resources for long term sustainability of water quality, drinking water supply, aquatic habitat, recreation, public health and the environment.

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